Man pages for ggiraphExtra
Make Interactive 'ggplot2'. Extension to 'ggplot2' and 'ggiraph'

addLabelDfAdd value labels to the data.frame
browsersBrowser market share 2011
coord_radarThe radar coordinate system is a modification of polar...
getMappingextract variable name from mapping, aes
ggAncovaMake an interactive plot for an ANCOVA model
ggAreaDraw an interactive area plot
ggBarDraw an interactive barplot
ggBoxplotDraw boxplots of a data.frame
ggCatepillarMake an interactive catepillar plot
ggChoroplethDraw an interactive choropleth map
ggCLEDraw a cleveland dot plot
ggCorDraw a heatmap of correlation test
ggDensityMake a density plot with histogram
ggDonutDraw a Donut plot
ggDotDraw a Wilkinson dot plot
ggEffectVisualize the effect of interaction between two continuous...
ggErrorBarMake an interactive bar plot with error bar
ggHeatmapMake an interactive Heatmap
ggHSDDraw Tukey Honest Significant Differences plot
ggPairMake an interactive scatter and line plot
ggPieDraw a pie plot
ggPieDonutDraw a Pie and Donut plot
ggPointsMake an interactive scatterplot with regression line(s)
ggPredictVisualize predictions from the multiple regression models.
ggRadarDraw a radar chart
ggRoseDraw an interactive Rose plot
ggSpineDraw an interactive spinogram
ggViolinDraw violin plots of a data.frame
makeEqMake a regression equation of a model
model2dfMake a data.frame of yhat with a model
myscaleRescale a vector with which minimum value 0 and maximum value...
myscale2Rescale a vector with which minimum value 0 and maximum value...
newColNamefind new column name
num2cutComputing breaks for make a histogram of a continuous...
num2factorDfMake numeric column of a data.frame to factor
p2chrConvert p values to character
palette2colorsExtract colors from a palette
pastecolonPaste character vectors separated by colon
pastecommaAdd comma to vectors
rescale_dfRescale all numeric variables of a data.frame except grouping...
roseRose sales among 7 groups in a year
subcolorsMake a subcolors according to the mainCol
summarySESummarize a continuous variable by groups with mean, sd and...
tacoTaco ratings by age group
theme_cleanClean theme for PieDonut plot
theme_clean2Clean theme for ggCor
unselectNumericUnselect numeric column of a data.frame
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