Man pages for ggpmisc
Miscellaneous Extensions to 'ggplot2'

annotateAnnotations supporting NPC
compute_npcxCompute npc coordinates
FC_formatFormatter for fold change tick labels
FC_nameFold change- axis labels
find_peaksFind local maxima or global maximum (peaks)
geom_grobInset graphical objects
geom_linked_textLinked Text
geom_plotInset plots
geom_quadrant_linesReference lines: horizontal plus vertical, and quadrants
geom_tableInset tables
geom_text_npcText with Normalised Parent Coordinates
geom_x_margin_arrowReference arrows on the margins
geom_x_margin_grobAdd Grobs on the margins
geom_x_margin_pointReference points on the margins
ggplotCreate a new ggplot plot from time series data
ggpmisc-ggproto'Stat*' Objects
ggpmisc-packageggpmisc: Miscellaneous Extensions to 'ggplot2'
moved-to-gginnardsMoved to package 'gginnards'
outcome2factorConvert numeric ternary outcomes into a factor
position_nudge_centerNudge labels away from a central point
position_nudge_lineNudge labels away from a line
position_nudge_toNudge labels to new positions
quadrant_example.dfExample gene expression data
reverselog_transReverse log transformation
scale_colour_outcomeColour and fill scales for ternary outcomes
scale_continuous_npcPosition scales for continuous data (npcx & npcy)
scale_shape_outcomeShape scale for ternary outcomes
scale_x_logFCPosition scales for log fold change data
scale_y_PvalueCovenience scale for P-values
stat_applyApply a function to x or y values
stat_dens1d_filterFilter observations by local 1D density
stat_dens1d_labelsReplace labels in data based on 1D density
stat_dens2d_filterFilter observations by local 2D density
stat_dens2d_labelsReplace labels in data based on 2D density
stat_fit_augmentAugment data with fitted values and statistics
stat_fit_deviationsResiduals from model fit as segments
stat_fit_glanceOne row summary data frame for a fitted model
stat_fit_residualsResiduals from a model fit
stat_fit_tbModel-fit summary or ANOVA
stat_fit_tidyOne row data frame with fitted parameter estimates
stat_fmt_tbSelect and slice a tibble nested in 'data'
stat_peaksLocal maxima (peaks) or minima (valleys)
stat_poly_eqEquation, p-value, R^2, AIC or BIC of fitted polynomial
stat_quadrant_countsNumber of observations in quadrants
symmetric_limitsExpand a range to make it symmetric
try_data_frameConvert an R object into a tibble
ttheme_gtdefaultTable themes
ttheme_setSet default table theme
volcano_example.dfExample gene expression data
xy_outcomes2factorConvert two numeric ternary outcomes into a factor
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