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ggrepel provides geoms for ggplot2 to repel overlapping text labels.

ggplot(mtcars, aes(wt, mpg)) +
  geom_point(color = 'red') +
  geom_text_repel(aes(label = rownames(mtcars))) +
  theme_classic(base_size = 16)



See the vignette for more usage examples.

Also, look at the help pages:



Install the latest stable release from CRAN:


Alternatively, install the latest development version from github:


Or install a tagged version:

devtools::install_github("slowkow/[email protected]")


Please submit an issue to report bugs or ask questions.

Please contribute bug fixes or new features with a pull request to this repository.

Related work


This package is an attempt to make direct labeling a reality in everyday statistical practice by making available a body of useful functions that make direct labeling of common plots easy to do with high-level plotting systems such as lattice and ggplot2. The main function that the package provides is direct.label(p), which takes a lattice or ggplot2 plot p and adds direct labels.


Pretty word clouds.

The wordcloud package implements a spiraling algorithm to prevent text labels from overlapping each other.


Force field simulation of interaction of set of points. Very useful for placing text labels on graphs, such as scatterplots.

I found that functions in the FField package were not ideal for repelling overlapping rectangles, so I wrote my own.

See this gist for examples of how to use the wordcloud and FField packages with ggplot2.

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