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The xside geometries


xside refers to the api of ggside. Any geom_ with xside will plot its respective geometry along the x-axis per facet panel. By default the xside panel will plot above the main panel. This xside panel will always share the same scale as it's main panel, but is expected to have a separate y-axis scaling.


geom_xside* return a XLayer object to be added to a ggplot

New Aesthetics

All xside Geometries have xfill, xcolour/xcolor available for aesthetic mappings. These mappings behave exactly like the default counterparts except that they are considered separate scales. All xside geometries will use xfill over fill, but will default to fill if xfill is not provided. The same goes for xcolour in respects to colour. This comes in handy if you wish to map both fill to one geometry as continuous, you can still map xfill for a separate xside geometry without conflicts. See more information in vignette("ggside").

Exported Geometries

The following are the xside variants of the ggplot2 Geometries

  • geom_xsidebar

  • geom_xsideboxplot

  • geom_xsidecol

  • geom_xsidedensity

  • geom_xsidefreqpoly

  • geom_xsidehistogram

  • geom_xsideline

  • geom_xsidepath

  • geom_xsidepoint

  • geom_xsidetext

  • geom_xsidetile

  • geom_xsideviolin

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