API for ggsolvencyii
A 'ggplot2'-Plot of Composition of Solvency II SCR: SF and IM

Global functions
fn_add_ind_show Source code
fn_circlepoints Source code
fn_computegroup Source code
fn_constructionplotdetails Source code
fn_cornerpoints Source code
fn_determinelevels Source code
fn_geomsiidatatopoints Source code
fn_levelonedescription Source code
fn_maxscrvalue Source code
fn_polygonpoints Source code
fn_rotation Source code
fn_setupdata_connection Source code
fn_setupdata_outline Source code
fn_setupdata_surfaces Source code
fn_sqXP Source code
fn_sqYP Source code
fn_sqdegseq Source code
fn_squareconversion Source code
fn_squareddegrees Source code
fn_squarepoints Source code
fn_structure_data_integration Source code
fn_structure_expansion Source code
fn_transform_plotdetails Source code
geom_sii_riskconnection Man page Source code
geom_sii_riskoutline Man page Source code
geom_sii_risksurface Man page Source code
sii_debug_geom Man page Source code
sii_levelmax_sf16_993 Man page
sii_levelmax_sf16_995 Man page
sii_plotdetails_sf16 Man page
sii_structure_sf16_eng Man page
sii_structure_sf16_nld Man page
sii_x_edgecolors_sf16_eng Man page
sii_x_edgecolors_sf16_nld Man page
sii_x_fillcolors_sf16_eng Man page
sii_x_fillcolors_sf16_nld Man page
sii_z_ex1_data Man page
sii_z_ex1_edgecolors Man page
sii_z_ex1_fillcolors Man page
sii_z_ex1_levelmax Man page
sii_z_ex1_plotdetails Man page
sii_z_ex1_plotdetails2 Man page
sii_z_ex1_structure Man page
sii_z_ex2_data Man page
sii_z_ex3_data Man page
sii_z_ex3_plotdetails Man page
sii_z_ex4_data Man page
sii_z_ex4_levelmax Man page
sii_z_ex4_structure Man page
sii_z_ex6_data Man page
sii_z_ex6_data2 Man page
sii_z_ex6_edgecolors Man page
sii_z_ex6_fillcolors Man page
sii_z_ex6_levelmax Man page
sii_z_ex6_plotdetails Man page
sii_z_ex6_structure Man page
sii_z_ex7_data Man page
sii_z_ex7_plotdetails Man page
stat_sii_risksurface Man page Source code
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