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Interactive Grammar of Graphics

add_axisAdd a vega axis specification to a ggvis plot
add_dataAdd dataset to a visualisation
add_guide_axisDefunct function for adding an axis
add_guide_legendDefunct function for adding a legend
add_legendAdd a vega legend specification to a ggvis plot
add_propsAdd visual properties to a visualisation
add_relative_scalesAdd x_rel and y_rel scales
add_scaleAdd arbitrary scales to ggvis.
add_tooltipAdd tooltips to a plot.
as.vegaCoerce an ggvis object to a vega list.
auto_groupAutomatically group data by grouping variables
axis_propsCreate an axis_props object for controlling axis properties.
bandA band
bin_vectorBin vectors
cocaineCocaine seizures in the US.
compute_alignAlign positions using length.
compute_binBin data along a continuous variable
compute_boxplotCalculate boxplot values
compute_countCount data at each location
compute_densityCompute density of data.
compute_model_predictionCreate a model of a data set and compute predictions.
compute_stackStack overlapping data.
compute_tabulateCount data at each location of a categorical variable
create_brokerCreate a broker object
create_inputCreate a new interactive "input" object.
default_optionsDefault options
dplyr-ggvisDplyr verbs for ggvis.
explainExplain details of an object
explain.ggvisPrint out the structure of a ggvis object in a friendly...
export_pngExport a PNG or SVG from a ggvis object
fullseqGenerate sequence of fixed size intervals covering range.
get_dataGet data from a ggvis object
ggvisVisualise a data set with a ggvis graphic.
ggvisControlOutputCreate a ggvis control output element in UI
ggvis_messageSend a message to ggvis running on client
ggvisOutputElementsCreate HTML elements for ggvis output
ggvis_scaleCreate a new ggvis_scale object.
group_byDivide data into groups.
handle_brushHandle brush events on a visualisation.
handle_clickHandle mouse actions on marks.
handle_resizeHandlers and interactive inputs for plot sizing.
input_checkboxCreate an interactive checkbox.
input_selectCreate interactive control to select one (or more options)...
input_sliderCreate an interactive slider.
input_textCreate an interactive text or numeric input box.
is.axis_propsTests whether an object is an axis_props object
is.brokerDetermine if an object is a broker object
is.dynamicDetermine if an ggvis is dynamic (i.e. needs to be run in a...
is.ggvisIs an object a ggvis object?
is.legend_propsTests whether an object is a legend_props object
is.scaled_valueTests whether an object is a scaled_value object
knit_print.ggvisKnit print method for ggvis plots.
layer_barsDisplay data with bars (a barchart).
layer_boxplotsDisplay data with a boxplot.
layer_densitiesTransformation: density estimate
layer_fCreate a new layering function.
layer_guessGuess the right type of layer based on current properties.
layer_histogramsDisplay binned data
layer_linesLayer lines on a plot.
layer_model_predictionsOverlay model predictions or a smooth curve.
left_rightInteractive inputs bound to arrow keys.
legend_propsCreate an axis_props object for controlling legend...
linked_brushCreate a linked brush object.
markCreate a new "mark" object.
marksVega marks.
new_propCreate new prop object
paddingDefine padding.
pipePipe graphics
print.ggvisView in a ggvis plot in the browser.
propCreate a property.
prop_domainProperty domain.
propname_to_scaleConvert the name of a property to the name of its default...
propsManage a list of properties.
resolutionCompute the "resolution" of a data vector.
save_specTools to save and view static specs.
scale_datetimeAdd a date-time scale to a ggvis object.
scaled_valueCreate a scaled_value object
scale_numericAdd a numeric scale to a ggvis object.
scale_ordinalAdd a ordinal, nominal, or logical scale to a ggvis object.
scalesAdd a scale to a ggvis plot
scaletype_to_vega_scaletypeGiven the type of a ggvis scale, get the name of its...
set_optionsSet options for a ggvis plot
set_scale_labelSet the label for a scale
shiny-ggvisConnect a ggvis graphic to a shiny app.
show_specPrint out the vega plot specification
show_tooltipSend a message to the client to show or hide a tooltip
sidebarBottomPageCreate a page with a sidebar
subvisCreate a subvisualisation.
vector_typeDetermine the "type" of a vector
vega_data_parserDetermine the vega data type for a vector
waggleWaggle back and forth between two numbers
zero_rangeDetermine if range of vector is close to zero, with a...
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