Man pages for ghee
Provides a Lightweight Interface for 'GitHub' through R

check_pathCheck github path
gh_check_assignableCheck that a person can be assigned to an issue
gh_collab_checkCheck if a user is a collaborator
gh_collab_inviteInvite a collaborator to a GitHub repo
gh_collab_listList current collaborators for a GitHub repo
gh_collab_pendingList pending invitations for a repo
gh_collab_removeRemove a collaborator from a repository
gh_collab_uninviteUninvite a collaborator to a GitHub repo
gh_issue_assignAssign people to a GitHub issue
gh_issue_commentComment on a GitHub issue
gh_issue_listList issues for a GitHub Repo
gh_issue_mentionCheck to see if a person was mentioned in a GitHub issue
gh_issue_newCreate an issue on a github repo
gh_repos_createCreate a new repository
gh_repos_deleteDelete a GitHub repository
gh_repos_delete_internalActually delete repo
gh_repos_listList a user's github repository
gh_repos_mutateChange repository features
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