Man pages for gimme
Group Iterative Multiple Model Estimation

aggSEMGroup-level structural equation model search.
count.excellentCounts number of excellent fit indices
determine.subgroupsDetermines subgroups.
expand.grid.uniqueProvides unique combinations of two vectors.
final.orgWrapup, create output files.
fit.modelAttempt to fit lavaan model.
get.paramsGrabs final coefficients for each individual.
gimme-packageGroup iterative multiple model estimation
gimmeSEMGroup iterative multiple model estimation.
highest.miIdentifies highest MI from list of MIs.
indiv.searchIndividual-level search. Used in gimmeSEM, aggSEM, indSEM.
indSEMIndividual-level structural equation model search.
lowest.zIdentifies lowest z value from list of z values.
prune.pathsPrunes paths. Ties together lowest.z and return.zs functions.
recode.varsRecode variable names.
return.misReturns MIs from lavaan fit object.
return.zsReturns z values from lavaan fit object.
search.pathsSearches for paths. Ties together highest.mi and return.mis...
sFIREstimate response function for each person using smoothed...
simDataLarge example, heterogeneous data, group, subgroup, and...
tsSmall example, heterogeneous data, group and individual level...
w2eCreate edge list from weight matrix.
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