gimms: Download and Process GIMMS NDVI3g Data

We provide a set of functions to retrieve information about GIMMS NDVI3g files currently available online; download (and re-arrange, in the case of NDVI3g.v0) the half-monthly data sets; import downloaded files from ENVI binary (NDVI3g.v0) or NetCDF format (NDVI3g.v1) directly into R based on the widespread 'raster' package; conduct quality control; and generate monthly composites (e.g., maximum values) from the half-monthly input data. As a special gimmick, a method is included to conveniently apply the Mann-Kendall trend test upon 'Raster*' images, optionally featuring trend-free pre-whitening to account for lag-1 autocorrelation.

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AuthorFlorian Detsch [cre, aut]
Date of publication2016-12-16 11:20:35
MaintainerFlorian Detsch <>
LicenseGPL (>= 3) | file LICENSE

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bale3g.v1 Man page
downloadGimms Man page
downloadGimms,character-method Man page
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qualityControl Man page
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