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g-and-k and g-and-h Distribution Functions

abcApproximate Bayesian computation inference
abc_batchSingle batch of ABC
fdsaFinite difference stochastic approximation inference
fxExchange rate example
g-and-hg-and-h distribution functions
g-and-kg-and-k distribution functions
improper_uniform_log_densityImproper uniform log density
isValidCheck validity of g-and-k or g-and-h parameters
isValid_scalarCheck validity of g-and-k or g-and-h parameters
logSumExpCalculate log sum exp safely
mcmcMarkov chain Monte Carlo inference
momentEstimatesConvert octiles to moment estimates
orderstatsOrder statistics
pgh_scalarDistribution function for the g-and-h distribution
pgk_scalarDistribution function for the g-and-k distribution
projectProject into a region
Qgh_derivg-and-h Q derivative
Qgh_log_derivg-and-h Q log derivative
Qgk_derivg-and-k Q derivative
Qgk_log_derivg-and-k Q log derivative
z2ghTransform standard normal draws to g-and-h draws.
z2gkTransform standard normal draws to g-and-k draws.
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