Man pages for glacierSMBM
Glacier Surface Mass Balance Model

airDensity_30m_dailyData: Air density (30m, daily)
airPressure_10km_dailyData: Air pressure (10km, daily)
airPressure_30m_hourlyData: Air pressure (30m, daily)
airTemperature_10km_dailyData: Air temperature (10km, daily)
airTemperature_30m_dailyData: Air temperature (30m, daily)
airTemperature_30m_hourlyData: Air temperature (30m, hourly)
debrisCoveredIceMeltFunction: Sub-debris ice melt model
debrisCoveredIceMelt-methodMethod: Sub-debris ice melt model
debrisMask_30mData: Debris mask (30m)
debrisThickness_30mData: Debris thickness (30m)
debrisThicknessEmpFunction: Empirical debris thickness model
debrisThicknessEmp-methodMethod: Empirical debris thickness model
debrisThicknessFitFunction: Debris thickness fitting
debrisThicknessFit-methodMethod: Debris thickness fitting function
debrisThickness_measuredData: Debris thickness (in-situ)
debrisThicknessPhyFunction: Physical debris thickness model
debrisThicknessPhy-methodMethod: Physical debris thickness model
dem_30mData: DEM (30m)
extractRasterValuesFunction: Extract raster values
extractRasterValues-methodMethod: Extract raster values
firnMask_30mData: Firn mask (30m)
glacialMeltFunction: Ablation model
glacialMelt-methodMethod: Ablation model
glacierMask_30mData: Glacier mask (30m)
glacierSMBMFunction: Glacier surface mass balance model
glacierSMBM-methodMethod: Glacier surface mass balance model
glacierSMBM-packagePackage: Glacier Surface Mass Balance Model
iceMask_30mData: Ice mask (30m)
iceMeltFunction: Ice melt model
iceMelt-methodMethod: Ice melt model
inputGlacierSMBM-classClass 'inputGlacierSMBM'
interpolateAirPFunction: Air pressure interpolation
interpolateAirP-methodMethod: Air pressure interpolation
interpolateAirTFunction: Air temperature interpolation
interpolateAirT-methodMethod: Air temperature interpolation
lst_30m_hourlyData: Land surface temperature (30m)
lst_measuredData: Land surface temperature (in-situ)
netRad_30m_dailyData: Net radiation (30m, daily)
netRad_30m_hourlyData: Net radiation (30m, hourly)
precip_10km_dailyData: Precipitation (10km, daily)
precip_30m_dailyData: Precipitation (30m, daily)
precipTuningFactor_30mData: Precipitation tuning (30m)
resampleStackFunction: Resample a RasterStack object
resampleStack-methodMethod: Resample a RasterStack object
selectedCoordinatesData: Locations of in-situ measurement
snowFallFunction: Snowfall model
snowFall_30m_dailyData: Snowfall (30m, daily)
snowFall-methodMethod: Snowfall model
snowMeltFunction: Snow melt model
snowMelt-methodMethod: Snow melt model
srtm_dem_30mData: SRTM DEM (30m)
unitConvFunction: Unit conversion of a RasterLayer object
unitConv-methodMethod: Unit conversion of a RasterLayer object
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