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Fit a Penalized Continuation Ratio Model for Predicting an Ordinal Response

coef.glmpathcrExtract All Model Coefficients
diabetesGene Expression in Normal, Impaired Fasting Glucose, and Type...
glmpathcrFit Penalized Continuation Ratio Model
glmpathcr-internalFunctions called by glmpathcr functions, not by the user
glmpathcr-packagePenalized L1 continuation Ratio Models for Ordinal Response...
model.selectStep of Optimal Fitted AIC or BIC CR Model.
nonzero.coefExtract Non-Zero Model Coefficients
plot.glmpathcrPlots the Regularization Path Computed from glmpathcr
predict.glmpathcrPredicted Class and Fitted Probabilities from glmpathcr...
summary.glmpathcrSummarize a glmpathcr Object
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