Man pages for glmulti
Model selection and multimodel inference made easy

aicComputing an IC from a fitted model object
aicc-methodsMethods for Function aicc
aic-methodsMethods for Function aic
bic-methodsMethods for Function bic
coef.glmultiModel averaging and multimodel inference with glmulti
consensusTakes a consensus of several glmulti objects
consensus-methodsConsensus method for glmulti objects.
getfitAccessing coefficients of a fitted model object
getfit-methodsMethods for Function getfit
glmultiAutomated model selection and multimodel inference with...
glmulti-classClass "glmulti"
glmulti-methodsMethods for Function glmulti: different ways to call glmulti
qaicc-methodsMethods for Function qaicc
qaic-methodsMethods for Function qaic
summary.glmultiHandling glmulti objects
weightableTable of relative supports
weightable-methodsTable of relative supports
writeWriting glmulti objects
write-methodsMethods for Function write
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