Man pages for gmDatabase
Accessing a Geometallurgical Database with R

dbNowGet the actual system time
extractDollarExpressionsExtracting a dollar expression
forKeyValforKeyVal - Looping named lists
gmAddAdding and updating objects in a geometallurgical database.
gmAndifyCreating a conjunction
gmChangePasswordFunction for changing the password of a user in the...
gmClassReturning information from geometallurgicala database
gmConnectServerGeometallurgy Database connection
gmCreateClassProviding new classes and adding new users, rights groups,...
gmExprCreating gmExpressions
gmExpr-classClass gmExpr
gmGetGet information about an object.
gmGetVariableTypeGetting information on variables in a geometallurgy...
gmJoinAVariableCreating the join R representation of a SQL JOIN
gmJoinTheIDAdd the ID to the selection
gmReadReturn the result of an SQl query given as R-like...
gmRemoveDelete objects in an geometallurgical database
gmSQLProvide an R representation of SQL
gmSQLValuesFormat vector in parenthesis and SQL quote it
makeGmSQLfromRParse an R expression of SQl statements
repairGrandChildsUpdating second order inheritance.
replaceVarsInExpressionReplace Variables in Expressions
tickCreate a unique name
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