gmailr: Access the Gmail RESTful API

An interface to the Gmail RESTful API. Allows access to your Gmail messages, threads, drafts and labels.

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AuthorJim Hester
Date of publication2016-04-12 01:02:42
MaintainerJim Hester <>
LicenseMIT + file LICENSE

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Man pages

accessors: Methods to get values from message or drafts

as.character.mime: Convert a mime object to character representation

attachment: Retrieve an attachment to a message

body: Get the body text of a message or draft

clear_token: Clear the current oauth token

create_draft: Create a draft from a mime message

create_label: Create a new label

delete_label: Permanently delete a label

delete_message: Permanently delete a single message

delete_thread: Permanently delete a single thread.

draft: Get a single draft

drafts: Get a list of drafts

gmail_auth: Setup oauth authentication for your gmail

gmailr: 'gmailr' makes gmail access easy.

history: Retrieve change history for the inbox

id: Get the id of a gmailr object

import_message: Import a message into the gmail mailbox from a mime message

insert_message: Insert a message into the gmail mailbox from a mime message

label: Get a specific label

labels: Get a list of all labels

last_response: Response from the last query

message: Get a single message

messages: Get a list of messages

mime: Create a mime formatted message object

modify_message: Modify the labels on a message

modify_thread: Modify the labels on a thread

pipe: Pipe statements

quoted_printable_encode: Encode text using quoted printable

save_attachment: save the attachment to a file

save_attachments: Save attachments to a message

send_draft: Send a draft

send_message: Send a message from a mime message

thread: Get a single thread

threads: Get a list of threads

trash_message: Send a single message to the trash

trash_thread: Send a single thread to the trash

untrash_message: Remove a single message from the trash

untrash_thread: Remove a single thread from the trash.

update_label: Update a existing label.

use_secret_file: Use information from a secret file


\%>\% Man page
as.character.mime Man page
attach_file Man page
attachment Man page
attach_part Man page
bcc Man page
bcc.mime Man page
body Man page
cc Man page
cc.mime Man page
clear_token Man page
create_draft Man page
create_label Man page
date Man page
delete_label Man page
delete_message Man page
delete_thread Man page
draft Man page
drafts Man page
from Man page
from.mime Man page
gmail_auth Man page
gmailr Man page
gmailr-package Man page
history Man page
html_body Man page
id Man page
id.gmail_messages Man page
import_message Man page
insert_message Man page
label Man page
labels Man page
last_response Man page
message Man page
messages Man page
mime Man page
modify_message Man page
modify_thread Man page
quoted_printable_encode Man page
save_attachment Man page
save_attachments Man page
send_draft Man page
send_message Man page
subject Man page
subject.mime Man page
text_body Man page
thread Man page
threads Man page
to Man page
to.mime Man page
trash_message Man page
trash_thread Man page
untrash_message Man page
untrash_thread Man page
update_label Man page
update_label_patch Man page
use_secret_file Man page

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