Man pages for gogamer
Go Game Data Parser

addlabelsAdd text label on board
addmarkersAdd markers
addstonesAdd stones to go board
addterritoryAdd territory markers
get_propsFind tag properties in sgf
ggkifuOne-page kifu image
ggobanDraw go board
gogameGo game object
gogame_graphicsGraphic parameters for go game images
gogamergogamer: Go Game Data Parser
gokifuKifu (go game record) for a range of moves
gostateGo game state
is.ggkifuCheck if the object is ggkifu class
is.ggobanCheck if object is ggoban class
is.gogameCheck if the object is gogame class
kifuKifu for certain move range
kifunoteDraw outside note of kifu
mimiakaMimiaka (ear-reddening) game
parse_sgfParse text of the smart go format.
parse_sgfnodeParse SGF of each node
pipePipe operator
plot.gokifuDraw kifu
plot.gostateDraw go board state as graphic
prune_sgfRemove branches from SGF text
read_sgfRead and parse a SGF file
saikoyosai vs toya koyo
set_gamepathSwitch path of go game
star_positionGet location of stars
stateatGo board status at a move number
suggested_sizeSuggested size used for saving
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