Man pages for googleAuthR
Authenticate and Create Google APIs

checkGoogleAPIErrorGet Google API errors
checkTokenAPICheck API data token
doHttrRequestGet URL content based on if its Shiny or local
gar_api_generatorgoogleAuthR data fetch function generator
gar_api_pageTakes a generated API function and lets you page through...
gar_attach_auto_authAuto Authentication function for use within .onAttach
gar_authAuthorize 'googleAuthR'
gar_auth_configureEdit and view auth configuration
gar_auth_serviceJSON service account authentication
gar_auto_authPerform auto authentication
gar_batchTurn a list of gar_fetch_functions into batch functions
gar_batch_walkWalk data through batches
gar_cache_setupSetup where to put cache
gar_check_existing_tokenCheck a token vs options
gar_create_api_objectsCreate the API objects from the Discovery API
gar_create_api_skeletonCreate an API library skeleton
gar_create_packageCreate a Google API package
gar_deauthSuspend authorization
gar_debug_parsingRead the diagnostic object returned on API parse errors.
gar_discovery_apiGet meta data details for specified Google API
gar_discovery_apis_listGet a list of Google API libraries
gar_gce_authAuthenticate on Google Compute Engine
gar_gce_auth_defaultAuthenticate via gcloud's application-default login
gar_gce_auth_emailGet the service email via GCE metadata
gar_has_tokenIs there a token on hand?
gar_scope_configCreate or add scopes to configuration
gar_service_createWork with service accounts via the API
gar_service_provisionProvision a service account
gar_set_clientSetup the clientId, clientSecret and scopes
gar_setup_auth_checkCheck service key works via environment argument
gar_setup_auth_keyCreate a service account for googleCloudRunner
gar_setup_clientidCheck for a client JSON
gar_setup_edit_renvironSetup wizard help - asking users to edit .Renviron
gar_setup_env_checkSetup wizard help - check if environment argument is set
gar_setup_get_authenvSetup wizard helper - add authentication file to .Renviron
gar_setup_menuSetup wizard - introduction helper
gar_setup_menu_doSetup wizard help - the functions that will execute on...
gar_shiny_authCreate Authentication within Shiny's server.R
gar_shiny_auth_urlMake a Google Authorisation URL for Shiny
gar_shiny_login_uiA login page for Shiny
gar_shiny_uiCreate a Google login before your Shiny UI launches
gar_tokenProduce configured token
gar_token_infoGet current token summary
get_google_tokenRetrieve Google token from environment and configs for httr
googleAuthRgoogleAuthR: Easy Authentication with Google OAuth2 APIs
googleSignInGoogle SignIn [Server Module]
googleSignInUIGoogle SignIn [UI Module]
retryRequestReTry API requests for certain errors using exponential...
silent_authSilent auth
skip_if_no_env_authSkip test if not authenticated
token_existsCheck if authorization currently in force
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