Man pages for googleAuthR
Authenticate and Create Google APIs

AuthenticationR6 environment to store authentication credentials
authReturnCodeReturns the authentication parameter "code" in redirected...
checkGoogleAPIErrorGet Google API errors
checkTokenAPICheck API data token
createCodeCreates a random character code
doHttrRequestGet URL content based on if its Shiny or local
gar_api_generatorgoogleAuthR data fetch function generator
gar_attach_auto_authAuto Authentication function for use within .onAttach
gar_authAuthorize 'googleAuthR'
gar_auth_jsShiny JavaScript Google Authorisation [Server Module]
gar_auth_jsUIShiny JavaScript Google Authorisation [UI Module]
gar_auth_serviceJSON service account authentication
gar_auto_authPerform auto authentication
gar_batchTurn a list of gar_fetch_functions into batch functions
gar_batch_walkWalk data through batches
gar_cache_setupSetup where to put cache
gar_check_existing_tokenCheck a token vs options
gar_create_api_objectsCreate the API objects from the Discovery API
gar_create_api_skeletonCreate an API library skeleton
gar_create_packageCreate a Google API package
gar_discovery_apiGet meta data details for specified Google API
gar_discovery_apis_listGet a list of Google API libraries
gar_gce_authAuthenticate on Google Compute Engine
gar_gce_auth_emailGet the service email via GCE metadata
gar_set_clientSetup the clientId, clientSecret and scopes
gar_shiny_getAuthUrlReturns the Google authentication URL
gar_shiny_getTokenReturns the authentication Token.
gar_shiny_getUrlGet the Shiny Apps URL.
gar_token_infoGet current token summary
get_google_tokenRetrieve Google token from environment and configs for httr
googleAuthServer side google auth (Shiny Module)
googleAuthRgoogleAuthR: Easy Authentication with Google OAuth2 APIs
googleAuthUIA Login button (Shiny Module)
loginOutputLogin/logout Shiny output
reactiveAccessTokenCreate a reactive Google OAuth2 token
renderLoginRender a Google API Authentication Login/logout button
retryRequestReTry API requests for certain errors using exponential...
revokeEventObserverListens for a user revoking authentication
skip_if_no_env_authSkip test if not authenticated
token_existsCheck if authorization currently in force
with_shinyTurn a googleAuthR data fetch function into a Shiny...
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