Man pages for googleCloudStorageR
Interface with Google Cloud Storage API

gcs_authAuthenticate this session
gcs_create_bucketCreate a new bucket
gcs_create_bucket_aclCreate a Bucket Access Controls
gcs_create_lifecycleCreate a lifecycle condition
gcs_create_pubsubCreate a pub/sub notification for a bucket
gcs_delete_bucketDelete a bucket
gcs_delete_objectDelete an object
gcs_delete_pubsubDelete pub/sub notifications for a bucket
gcs_download_urlGet the download URL
gcs_firstSave your R session to the cloud on startup/exit
gcs_get_bucketGet bucket info
gcs_get_bucket_aclGet Bucket Access Controls
gcs_get_global_bucketGet global bucket name
gcs_get_objectGet an object in a bucket directly
gcs_get_object_aclCheck the access control settings for an object for one...
gcs_get_service_emailGet the email of service account associated with the bucket
gcs_global_bucketSet global bucket name
gcs_list_bucketsList buckets
gcs_list_objectsList objects in a bucket
gcs_list_pubsubList pub/sub notifications for a bucket
gcs_loadLoad .RData objects or sessions from the Google Cloud
gcs_metadata_objectMake metadata for an object
gcs_parse_downloadParse downloaded objects straight into R
gcs_retry_uploadRetry a resumeable upload
gcs_saveSave .RData objects to the Google Cloud
gcs_save_allSave/Load all files in directory to Google Cloud Storage
gcs_save_imageSave an R session to the Google Cloud
gcs_signed_urlCreate a signed URL
gcs_sourceSource an R script from the Google Cloud
gcs_update_object_aclChange access to an object in a bucket
gcs_uploadUpload a file of arbitrary type
ObjectObject Object
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