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Demonstration of googleVis

It may take a little while to load all charts. Please be patient. All charts require an Internet connection.

These examples are taken from the googleVis demo. You can execute the demo via


For more details about the charts and further examples see the help files of the individual googleVis function and review the Google Charts API documentation and Terms of Service.

Line chart

op <- options(gvis.plot.tag='chart')
read_demo('googleVis', 'googleVis')

Line chart with two axis

Bar chart

Column chart

Area chart

Stepped Area chart

Combo chart

Scatter chart

Bubble chart

Customizing Lines

Customizing points

Add edit button for on the fly customisation

The same option is available for all other charts as well.

A chart with many options set

Candlestick chart

Pie chart


Geo Chart

Example showing US data by state

Show Hurricane Andrew (1992) storm track with markers

Google Maps


Click on the column header to sort the rows

Table with pages

Org chart

Double click on a parent to collapse all its children.

Tree Map

Left mouse-click to drill down, right mouse-click to move up a level.

Annotation chart

Sankey chart


Calendar chart

Timeline chart

Word tree chart

Merging charts

Flash charts

All the following chart requires a Flash player.

Motion chart

You can change some of displaying settings via the browser, e.g. the level of opacity of non-selected items, or the chart type. The state string from the 'Advanced' tab can be used to set those settings via R. Just copy and past the string from the browser into the argument state of the options list. Here is an example of a motion chart, with an initial line chart displayed.

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