Man pages for gppm
Gaussian Process Panel Modeling

accuracyAccuracy Estimates for Predictions
coef.GPPMPoint Estimates
confint.GPPMConfidence Intervals
covfCovariance Function
createLeavePersonsOutFoldsCreate Leave-persons-out Folds
datasData Set
demoLGCMSimulated Data From a Latent Growth Curve Model.
fitGeneric Method For Fitting a model
fit.GPPMFit a Gaussian process panel model
fitted.GPPMPerson-specific mean vectors and covariance matrices
getInternGeneric Extraction Function
gppmDefine a Gaussian process panel model
gppmControlDefine settings for a Gaussian process panel model
maxnObsMaximum Number of Observations per Person
meanfMean Function
nObsNumber of Observations
nParsNumber of Parameters
nPersNumber of persons
nPredsNumber of Predictors
parEstsEssential Parameter Estimation Results
parsParameter Names
plot.GPPMPredPlotting predictions
plot.LongDataPlot a Long Data Frame
predict.GPPMGPPM predictions
predsPredictors Names
SEStandard Errors
simulate.GPPMSimulate from a Gaussian process panel model
summary.GPPMSummarizing GPPM
trueParasParameters used for generating 'demoLGCM'.
vcov.GPPMVariance-Covariance Matrix
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