Man pages for gputools
A Few GPU Enabled Functions

chooseGpuChoose which GPU device to use
cpuMatMultPerform Matrix Multiplication
getGpuIdDiscover the Id of the current GPU device
gpuCorCalculate Various Correlation Coefficients With a GPU
gpuCrossprodPerform Matrix Cross-product with a GPU
gpuDistCompute Distances Between Vectors on a GPU
gpuDistClustCompute Distances and Hierarchical Clustering for Vectors on...
gpuGlmFitting generalized linear models using GPU-enabled QR...
gpuGrangerPerform Granger Causality Tests for Vectors on a GPU
gpuHclustPerform Hierarchical Clustering for Vectors with a GPU
gpuLmFitting Linear Models using a GPU-enabled QR
gpuLm.defaultTolFunction to switch tolerance depending on precision
gpuLm.fitFitter functions for gpu enabled linear models
gpuLsfitLeast squares fit using GPU-enabled QR decomposition
gpuMatMultPerform Matrix Multiplication with a GPU
gpuMiB spline based mutual information
gpuQrEstimate the QR decomposition for a matrix
gpuSolveEstimate the solution to a matrix vector equation
gpuTcrossprodPerform Matrix Transposed Cross-product with a GPU
gpuTtestT-Test Estimator with a GPU
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