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Class "Picture"


A collection of paths, polylines, rectangles and other graphical content and features that together describe a picture.

Objects from the Class

Objects can be created by calls of the form new("Picture", ...).



A list of objects of class "PictureContent" that are paths, groups rectangles and other related objects.


Object of class "PictureDefinitions" that contain all referenced content in the image. These are only used by the gridSVG package when "grobifying" an image.


Object of class "PictureSummary" that describes the scales applied to this picture.



signature(x = "Picture"): subset the content of a picture to produce a new picture (including a new, updated summary).


signature(x = "Picture"): extract a single piece of a picture object, to produce a new picture (including a new, updated summary).


signature(object = "Picture", tm = "matrix"): transforms each element of the picture by a 3x3 transformation matrix and returns a new "Picture" object with the newly transformed locations.


signature(object = "Picture"): convert a picture into a grid grob (for use as a one-off image).

This method contains two additional arguments:


This argument expects to take a function that modifies a gpar object. For its input, this function should take a gpar object, modify that object, and then return it. By default the value of this argument is the identity function.


A character vector. See grid.picture for more information on what this extension selection parameter means, in addition to the valid values this argument takes.


Simon Potter

See Also

readPicture, grid.picture, PictureSummary-class.

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