Man pages for gravity
Estimation Methods for Gravity Models

bvuBonus vetus OLS (BVU)
bvwBonus vetus OLS (BVW)
ddmDouble Demeaning (DDM)
discard_unusableDiscard non-positive and/or non-finite observations in...
ek_tobit\insertCiteEaton2001;textualgravity Tobit model (EK Tobit)
et_tobit\insertCiteEaton1995;textualgravity threshold Tobit model (ET...
fixed_effectsFixed Effects
gpmlGamma Pseudo Maximum Likelihood (GPML)
gravity-exportsgravity exported operators and S3 methods The following...
gravity_no_zerosGravity dataset without zero trade flows
gravity_zerosGravity dataset without zero trade flows
hm_summaryHead and Mayer consistent summary statistics
log_distanceApply logarithm to distance column
nbpmlNegative Binomial Pseudo Maximum Likelihood (NBPML)
nlsNon-linear Least Squares (NLS)
olsOrdinary Least Squares (OLS)
ppmlPoisson Pseudo Maximum Likelihood (PPML)
silsStructural Iterated Least Squares (SILS)
tobitLeft-censored Tobit model with known threshold
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