Man pages for gremlin
Mixed-Effects REML Incorporating Generalized Inverses

anova.gremlinanova() for gremlin objects
covFun(Co)variance parameter transformations.
deltaSEDelta Method to Calculate Standard Errors for Functions of...
fixef.gremlinFixed Effect Estimates of 'class' 'gremlin'
gremlinMixed-effect modeling functions.
gremlinControlAdvanced Options for Mixed-effect modeling functions.
gremlin-packageMixed-Effects REML Incorporating Generalized Inverses
logLik.gremlinMethods to extract log-likelihood and information criterion...
Mrode11Weight gain data.
nobs.gremlinNumber of observations in data from gremlin model fit objects
remlREML optimization algorithms for mixed-effect models.
remlItMixed-effect model Restricted Maximum Likelihood (REML)...
residuals.gremlinResiduals of 'class' 'gremlin'
runtimeTime to execute the gremlin model
summary.gremlinGremlin model summary.
trMatrix trace methods.
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