Man pages for greta
Simple and Scalable Statistical Modelling in R

as_dataconvert other objects to greta arrays
calculatecalculate greta arrays given fixed values
distributiondefine a distribution over data
distributionsprobability distributions
extract-replace-combineextract, replace and combine greta arrays
functionsfunctions for greta arrays
gretagreta: simple and scalable statistical modelling in R
inferencestatistical inference on greta models
internalsinternal greta methods
jointdefine joint distributions
mixturemixtures of probability distributions
modelgreta model objects
operatorsarithmetic, logical and relational operators for greta arrays
optimisersoptimisation methods
overloadedFunctions overloaded by greta
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
samplersMCMC samplers
structurescreate data greta arrays
transformstransformation functions for greta arrays
variablecreate greta variables
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