Man pages for greybox
Toolbox for Model Building and Forecasting

actualsFunction extracts the actual values from the function
alaplace-distributionAsymmetric Laplace Distribution
almAdvanced Linear Model
associationMeasures of association
bcnorm-distributionBox-Cox Normal Distribution
cramerCalculate Cramer's V for categorical variables
determinationDetermination coefficients
error-measuresError measures
errorTypeFunctions that extracts type of error from the model
fnorm-distributionFolded Normal Distribution
graphmakerLinear graph construction function
greyboxGrey box
hmHalf moment of a distribution and its derivatives.
InformationCriteriaCorrected Akaike's Information Criterion and Bayesian...
isFunctionsGreybox classes checkers
laplace-distributionLaplace Distribution
lmCombineCombine regressions based on information criteria
lmDynamicCombine regressions based on point information criteria
mcorMultiple correlation
measuresError measures for the provided forecasts
nparamNumber of parameters in the model
pinballPinball function
plot.greyboxPlots for the fit and residuals
pointICPoint AIC
pointLikPoint likelihood values
polyprodThis function calculates parameters for the polynomials
predict.greyboxForecasting using greybox functions
rmcRegression for Multiple Comparison
roRolling Origin
s-distributionS Distribution
spreadConstruct scatterplot / boxplots for the data
stepwiseStepwise selection of regressors
tableplotConstruct a plot for categorical variable
tplnorm-distributionThree Parameter Log Normal Distribution
xregExpanderExogenous variables expander
xregMultiplierExogenous variables cross-products
xregTransformerExogenous variables transformer
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