Man pages for gridpattern
'grid' Pattern Grobs

alphaMaskGrobMask grob using another grob to specify the (alpha) mask
clippingPathGrobClip grob using another grob to specify the clipping path
grid.patternCreate patterned grobs
grid.pattern_ambientAmbient patterned grobs
grid.pattern_circleCircle patterned grobs
grid.pattern_crosshatchCrosshatch patterned grobs
grid.pattern_gradientGradient patterned grobs
grid.pattern_imageImage patterned grobs
grid.pattern_magickMagick patterned grobs
gridpattern-packagegridpattern: 'grid' Pattern Grobs
grid.pattern_pchPlotting character patterned grobs
grid.pattern_placeholderPlaceholder image patterned grobs
grid.pattern_plasmaPlasma patterned grobs
grid.pattern_polygon_tilingPolygon tiling patterned grobs
grid.pattern_regular_polygonRegular polygon patterned grobs
grid.pattern_roseRose curve patterned grobs
grid.pattern_stripeStripe patterned grobs
grid.pattern_textText character patterned grobs
grid.pattern_waveWave patterned grobs
grid.pattern_weaveWeave patterned grobs
guess_has_R4.1_featuresGuess whether "active" graphics device supports the grid...
mean_colCompute average color
pattern_hexHex pattern matrix
pattern_squareSquare pattern matrix
pattern_weaveWeave pattern matrix
star_scaleCompute regular star polygon scale or angles
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