Man pages for gridsampler
A Simulation Tool to Determine the Required Sample Size for Repertory Grid Studies

calc_probabilitiesProbability for certain degree of saturation
draw_multiple_n_persons_x_timesDraw and redraw results of simulation
draw_n_person_sampleProduce graphic for a single sample of n persons
expected_frequenciesProduce ggplot of percentiles for simulated frequencies
gridsamplerRun gridsampler app
gridsampler-package'gridsampler' - A sample size simulation software for...
prob_categoriesProbability for certain degree of saturation
sample_newAdjusted sampling function
sim_n_personsSimulate n persons
sim_n_persons_x_timesComplete simulation
sim_n_persons_x_times_many_nSimulate for different n
sim_one_personSimulate a single grid
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