gcfit: Creates an object of class gcfit.

Description Usage Arguments Value


This is a constructor function for the "gcfit" class. This class is most often obtained as the return value when calling SummarizeGrowth.


gcfit(gc_vals, log_mod, data_t, data_n)



An object of class gcvals that contains the summarized metrics from fitting the growth model to a set of experimental observations. This is where the fitnes proxy parameters can be found. See gcvals for more information the information found in this object.


An object of class nlsModel that contains the results of fitting the logistic growth model to the data


A numeric vector of times


A numeric vector of cell count or absorbance readings


An object of class gcfit, which is a list of three objects, that combines the parameters (vals = gc_vals, model = log_mod, data = list(data_t, data_n))

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