grt: General Recognition Theory

Functions to generate and analyze data for psychology experiments based on the General Recognition Theory.

AuthorKazunaga Matsuki
Date of publication2014-04-10 15:20:06
MaintainerKazunaga Matsuki <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

coef.glc: Extract 'glc' or 'gcjc' coefficients

dprime: Calculate d' (d-prime)

extractAIC.glc: extractAIC method for class 'glc', 'gqc', 'gcjc', and 'grg'

gaborPatch: Draw a gray-scale Gabor Patch

gcjc: General Conjunctive Classifier

gcjcStruct: General Conjunctive Classifier structure

glc: General Linear Classifier

glcStruct: General Linear Classifier structure

gqc: General Quadratic Classifier

gqcStruct: General Quadratic Classifier structure.

grg: General Random Guessing model

grtMeans: Obtain means of two multivariate normal populations...

grt-package: General Recognition Theory

grtrnorm: Sample from multiple multivariate normal distributions

ldb: Linear Decision Bound

ldb.p.correct: Probability of correct classification based on the optimal...

lines.gqcStruct: lines Method for class 'gqc'

logLik.glc: Log-Likelihood of a 'glc' or 'gcjc' Object

logLik.glcStruct: Log-Likelihood of a 'glcStruct' or 'gcjcStruct' Object

logLik.gqc: Log-Likelihood of a 'gqc' Object

logLik.gqcStruct: Log-Likelihood of a 'gqcStruct' Object

mcovs: Calculate sample means and covariance(s) of multivariate data

new2old_par: Convert 'new' to 'old' glcStruct format

old2new_par: Convert 'old' to 'new' glcStruct format

plot3d.glc: plot3d Method for Class 'glc'

plot3d.gqc: plot3d Method for Class 'gqc'

plot.gcjc: Plot Method for Class 'gcjc'

plot.glc: Plot Method for Class 'glc'

plot.gqc: plot Method for Class 'gqc'

predict.glc: predict method for General Linear Classifier

qdb: Quadratic Decision Bound

qdb.p.correct: the proportion correct of the quadratic decision boundary.

scale.glc: Scale method for the class 'glc' and 'gqc'

subjdemo_1d: Sample dataset of a categorization experiment with 1D...

subjdemo_2d: Sample dataset of a categorization experiment with 2D...

subjdemo_3d: Sample dataset of a categorization experiment with 3D...

subjdemo_cj: Sample dataset of a categorization experiment with 2D...

unscale: Un-scale or re-center the scaled or centered Matrix-like...


angle2cart Man page
cart2angle Man page
coef.gcjc Man page
coef.glc Man page
coef.glcStruct Man page
dprime Man page
dprimef Man page
extractAIC.gcjc Man page
extractAIC.glc Man page
extractAIC.gqc Man page
extractAIC.grg Man page
gaborPatch Man page
gcjc Man page
gcjcStruct Man page
glc Man page
glcStruct Man page
gqc Man page
gqcStruct Man page
grg Man page
grt Man page
grtMeans Man page
grt-package Man page
grtrnorm Man page
ldb Man page
ldb.p.correct Man page
lines.gqcStruct Man page
logLik.gcjc Man page
logLik.gcjcStruct Man page
logLik.glc Man page
logLik.glcStruct Man page
logLik.gqc Man page
logLik.gqcStruct Man page
mcovs Man page
mcovs.default Man page
mcovs.formula Man page
new2old_par Man page
old2new_par Man page
plot3d.glc Man page
plot3d.gqc Man page
plot.gcjc Man page
plot.glc Man page
plot.gqc Man page
predict.glc Man page
print.gcjc Man page
print.glc Man page
print.gqc Man page
qdb Man page
qdb.p.correct Man page
scale Man page
scale.glc Man page
scale.gqc Man page
subjdemo_1d Man page
subjdemo_2d Man page
subjdemo_3d Man page
subjdemo_cj Man page
unscale Man page

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