Man pages for gtable
Arrange 'Grobs' in Tables

bindRow and column binding for gtables.
gtable_add_colsAdd new columns in specified position.
gtable_add_grobAdd a single grob, possibly spanning multiple rows or...
gtable_add_paddingAdd padding around edges of table.
gtable_add_rowsAdd new rows in specified position.
gtable_add_spaceAdd row/column spacing.
gtable_colCreate a single column gtable.
gtable_filterFilter cells by name.
gtable_heightReturns the height of a gtable, in the gtable's units
gtable_matrixCreate a gtable from a matrix of grobs.
gtable_rowCreate a single row gtable.
gtable_show_layoutVisualise the layout of a gtable.
gtable_spacerCreate a row/col spacer gtable.
gtable_trimTrim off empty cells.
gtable_widthReturns the width of a gtable, in the gtable's units
is.gtableIs this a gtable?
print.gtablePrint a gtable object
z_arrange_gtablesArrange the z values within gtable objects
z_normaliseNormalise z values within a gtable object
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