Man pages for hBayesDM
Hierarchical Bayesian Modeling of Decision-Making Tasks

bandit2arm_deltaTwo-Arm Bandit Task
bandit4arm_4par4-armed bandit task
bandit4arm_lapse4-armed bandit task
choiceRT_ddmChoice Reaction Time task, drift diffusion modeling
choiceRT_ddm_singleChoice Reaction Time task, drift diffusion modeling
choiceRT_lbaChoice Reaction Time task, linear ballistic accumulator...
choiceRT_lba_singleChoice Reaction Time task, linear ballistic accumulator...
dd_csDelay Discounting Task
dd_cs_singleDelay Discounting Task (Ebert & Prelec, 2007)
dd_expDelay Discounting Task
dd_hyperbolicDelay Discounting Task
dd_hyperbolic_singleDelay Discounting Task (Ebert & Prelec, 2007)
estimate_modeFunction to estimate mode of MCMC samples
extract_icExtract Model Comparison Estimates
gng_m1Orthogonalized Go/Nogo Task
gng_m2Orthogonalized Go/Nogo Task
gng_m3Orthogonalized Go/Nogo Task
gng_m4Orthogonalized Go/Nogo Task
hBayesDM-packageHierarchical Bayesian Modeling of Decision-Making Tasks
HDIofMCMCCompute Highest-Density Interval
igt_pvl_decayIowa Gambling Task
igt_pvl_deltaIowa Gambling Task (Ahn et al., 2008)
igt_vppIowa Gambling Task
multiplotFunction to plot multiple figures
peer_ocuPeer influence task (Chung et al., 2015 Nature Neuroscience)
plotDistPlots the histogram of MCMC samples.
plot.hBayesDMGeneral Purpose Plotting for hBayesDM. This function plots...
plotHDIPlots highest density interval (HDI) from (MCMC) samples and...
plotIndPlots individual posterior distributions, using the stan_plot...
printFitPrint model-fits (mean LOOIC and WAIC values) of hBayesDM...
prl_ewaProbabilistic Reversal Learning Task
prl_fictitiousProbabilistic Reversal Learning Task
prl_fictitious_multipleBProbabilistic Reversal Learning Task (Glascher et al, 2009),...
prl_fictitious_rpProbabilistic Reversal Learning Task
prl_rpProbabilistic Reversal Learning Task
prl_rp_multipleBProbabilistic Reversal Learning Task, multiple blocks per...
ra_noLARisk Aversion Task
ra_noRARisk Aversion Task
ra_prospectRisk Aversion Task
rhatFunction for extracting Rhat values from an hBayesDM object
ug_bayesNorm-Training Ultimatum Game
ug_deltaNorm-Training Ultimatum Game
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