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Stata, SPSS and SAS do not have a concept of time zone. Since haven 2.4.0 date-time values in non-UTC time zones are implicitly converted when writing to ensure the time displayed in Stata/SPSS/SAS will match the time displayed to the user in R (see #555). This is the behaviour when adjust_tz = TRUE (the default). Although this is in line with general user expectations it can cause issues when the time zone is important, for e.g. when looking at differences between time points, since the underlying numeric data is changed to preserve the displayed time. Use adjust_tz = FALSE to write the time as the corresponding UTC value, which will appear different to the user but preserves the underlying numeric data.

haven 2.5.1

haven 2.5.0

New author

File writing improvements

Other improvements and fixes

Dependency changes

haven 2.4.3

haven 2.4.2

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haven 2.4.0

New features

Minor improvements and bug fixes

haven 2.3.1

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Partial reading

Thanks to the hard work of @mikmart, all read_*() functions gain three new arguments that allow you to read in only part of a large file:

This also brings with it a deprecation: cols_only in read_sas() has been deprecated in favour of the new col_select argument.

Minor improvements and bug fixes

haven 2.1.1

haven 2.1.0

Improved labelling

labelled objects get pretty printing that shows the labels and NA values when inside of a tbl_df. Turn this behaviour off with behavior using option(haven.show_pillar_labels = FALSE) (#340, @gergness).

labelled() and labelled_spss() now allow NULL labels. This makes both classes more flexible, allowing you to use them for their other attributes (#219).

labelled() tests that value labels are unique (@larmarange, #364)

Minor improvements and bug fixes

haven 2.0.0


Minor improvements

Previously, the label attribute was supported both when reading and writing SPSS files, but it was not possible to actually create objects in R having the label attribute using the constructors labelled() or labelled_spss().

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