hbmem: Hierarchical Bayesian Analysis of Recognition Memory

Contains functions for fitting hierarchical versions of EVSD, UVSD, DPSD, DPSD with d' restricted to be positive, and our gamma signal detection model to recognition memory confidence-ratings data.

AuthorMichael S. Pratte
Date of publication2012-12-20 09:21:57
MaintainerMike <prattems@gmail.com>
LicenseLGPL (>= 2.0)

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Man pages

cond.alphaD: Conditional Posteror Of Alpha for positive d'

cond.betaD: Function cond.betaD

cond.muD: Function cond.muD

cond.rest.alphaD: Function cond.rest.alphaD

cond.rest.betaD: Function cond.rest.betaD

cond.thetaD: Function cond.thetaD

defpar: Function defpar

dpsd-class: Class "dpsd" ~~~

dpsdFullSample: Function dpsdFullSample

dpsdFullSim: Function dpsdFullSim

dpsdLogLike: Function dpsdLogLike

dpsdPosLogLike: function dpsdPosLogLike

dpsdPosSample: Function dpsdPosSample

dpsdPosSim: Function dpsdPosSim

dpsdProbs: Function dpsdProbs

dpsdRestSample: Function dpsdRestSample

dpsdRNSample: Fit DPSD model with R restricted to be function of N

dpsdRNSim: Function dpsdRNSim

dpsdSample: Function to fit hierarchical DPSD model to data.

dpsdSample2: Fit DPSD model with means in participant effect

dpsdSim: Function dpsdSim

dpsdSim-class: Class "dpsdSim"

gammaC2Like: Function gammaC2Like

gammaLike2C: Function gammaLike2C

gammaLikeLogLike: Function gammaLikeLogLike

gammaLikeSample: Function gammaLikeSample

gammaLikeSim: Function gammaLikeSim

gammaLogLike: Function gammaLogLike

gammaProbs: Function gammaProbs

gammaSample: Function gammaSample

gammaSim: Function gammaSim

getPred: Function getPred

hbmem-package: Hierarchical Models of Recognition Memory

ld.alpha: Function ld.alpha

ld.beta: Function ld.beta

ld.mu: Function ld.mu

ld.theta: Function ld.theta

normalSim: Function normalSim

nplike: Function nplike

prm09: PRM09 Data

rtgamma: Function rtgamma

rtnorm: Function rtnorm

sampleGamma: Function sampleGamma

sampleNorm: Function sampleNorm

sampleNorm2: Function sampleNorm2

sampleNormb: Function sampleNormb

sampleNormR: Function sampleNormR

samplePosNorm: Function samplePosNorm

sampleSig2: Function sampleSig2

sampleSig2b: Function sampleSig2b

sd10: Pratte and Rouder Exp. 2

sd13: As of yet unpublished dataset

sd2: Data from Pratte, Morey and Rouder (2010)

sd6: As of yet unpublished dataset

uvsd-class: Class "uvsd"

uvsdLogLike: Function uvsdLogLike

uvsdProbs: Function uvsdProbs

uvsdSample: Function uvsdSample

uvsdSim: Function uvsdSim

uvsdSim-class: Class "uvsdSim"


cond.alphaD Man page
cond.betaD Man page
cond.muD Man page
cond.rest.alphaD Man page
cond.rest.betaD Man page
cond.thetaD Man page
defpar Man page
dpsd-class Man page
dpsdFullSample Man page
dpsdFullSim Man page
dpsdLogLike Man page
dpsdPosLogLike Man page
dpsdPosSample Man page
dpsdPosSim Man page
dpsdProbs Man page
dpsdRestSample Man page
dpsdRNSample Man page
dpsdRNSim Man page
dpsdSample Man page
dpsdSample2 Man page
dpsdSim Man page
dpsdSim-class Man page
gammaC2Like Man page
gammaLike2C Man page
gammaLikeLogLike Man page
gammaLikeSample Man page
gammaLikeSim Man page
gammaLogLike Man page
gammaProbs Man page
gammaSample Man page
gammaSim Man page
getPred Man page
hbmem Man page
hbmem-package Man page
ld.alpha Man page
ld.beta Man page
ld.mu Man page
ld.theta Man page
normalSim Man page
nplike Man page
prm09 Man page
rtgamma Man page
rtnorm Man page
sampleGamma Man page
sampleNorm Man page
sampleNorm2 Man page
sampleNormb Man page
sampleNormR Man page
samplePosNorm Man page
sampleSig2 Man page
sampleSig2b Man page
sd10 Man page
sd13 Man page
sd2 Man page
sd6 Man page
uvsd-class Man page
uvsdLogLike Man page
uvsdProbs Man page
uvsdSample Man page
uvsdSim Man page
uvsdSim-class Man page


hbmem/R/uvsd.R hbmem/R/normal.R hbmem/R/gamma.R hbmem/R/dpsdRN.R hbmem/R/dpsdRest.R hbmem/R/dpsdPos.R hbmem/R/dpsdFull.R hbmem/R/dpsd2.R hbmem/R/dpsd.R
hbmem/man/uvsdSim.Rd hbmem/man/uvsdSim-class.Rd hbmem/man/uvsdSample.Rd hbmem/man/uvsdProbs.Rd hbmem/man/uvsdLogLike.Rd hbmem/man/uvsd-class.Rd hbmem/man/sd6.Rd hbmem/man/sd2.Rd hbmem/man/sd13.Rd hbmem/man/sd10.Rd hbmem/man/sampleSig2b.Rd hbmem/man/sampleSig2.Rd hbmem/man/samplePosNorm.Rd hbmem/man/sampleNormR.Rd hbmem/man/sampleNormb.Rd hbmem/man/sampleNorm2.Rd hbmem/man/sampleNorm.Rd hbmem/man/sampleGamma.Rd hbmem/man/rtnorm.Rd hbmem/man/rtgamma.Rd hbmem/man/prm09.Rd hbmem/man/nplike.Rd hbmem/man/normalSim.Rd hbmem/man/ld.theta.Rd hbmem/man/ld.mu.Rd hbmem/man/ld.beta.Rd hbmem/man/ld.alpha.Rd hbmem/man/hbmem-package.Rd hbmem/man/getPred.Rd hbmem/man/gammaSim.Rd hbmem/man/gammaSample.Rd hbmem/man/gammaProbs.Rd hbmem/man/gammaLogLike.Rd hbmem/man/gammaLikeSim.Rd hbmem/man/gammaLikeSample.Rd hbmem/man/gammaLikeLogLike.Rd hbmem/man/gammaLike2C.Rd hbmem/man/gammaC2Like.Rd hbmem/man/dpsdSim.Rd hbmem/man/dpsdSim-class.Rd hbmem/man/dpsdSample2.Rd hbmem/man/dpsdSample.Rd hbmem/man/dpsdRNSim.Rd hbmem/man/dpsdRNSample.Rd hbmem/man/dpsdRestSample.Rd hbmem/man/dpsdProbs.Rd hbmem/man/dpsdPosSim.Rd hbmem/man/dpsdPosSample.Rd hbmem/man/dpsdPosLogLike.Rd hbmem/man/dpsdLogLike.Rd hbmem/man/dpsdFullSim.Rd hbmem/man/dpsdFullSample.Rd hbmem/man/dpsd-class.Rd hbmem/man/defpar.Rd hbmem/man/cond.thetaD.Rd hbmem/man/cond.rest.betaD.Rd hbmem/man/cond.rest.alphaD.Rd hbmem/man/cond.muD.Rd hbmem/man/cond.betaD.Rd hbmem/man/cond.alphaD.Rd

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