Man pages for hdd
Easy Manipulation of Out of Memory Data Sets

cash-.hddExtracts a single variable from a HDD object
dim.hddDimension of a HDD object
guess_col_typesGuesses the columns types of a file
guess_delimGuesses the delimiter of a text file
hddHard drive data set
hdd_mergeMerges data to a HDD file
hdd-packageEasy manipulation of out of memory data sets
hdd_setkeySorts HDD objects
hdd_sliceApplies a function to slices of data to create a HDD data set
names.hddVariables names of a HDD object
originExtracts the origin of a HDD object
peekPeek into a text file
print.hddPrint method for HDD objects
readfstRead fst or HDD files as DT
setHdd_extract.capSets/gets the size cap when extracting hdd data
sub-.hddExtraction of HDD data
summary.hddSummary information for HDD objects
txt2hddTransforms text data into a HDD file
write_hddSaves or appends a data set into a HDD file
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