Man pages for hdf5r
Interface to the 'HDF5' Binary Data Format

apply_selectionApply a selection to a space
are_args_scalarCan arguments be interpreted as a scalar?
args_regularity_evaluationEvaluate if the arguments are regular for hyperslab use
array_counterCycle through n-dimensional array indices
array_reorderReorder an array
as_hexConvert a double or integer to hex
check_arg_for_hyperslab_funcCheck argument for known functions that encode a hyperslab
clean_ls_dfCleaning result of internal 'R_H5ls' function
convertRoundTripRound-trip of converting data to HDF5 and back to R
create_emptyCreate an empty R-object according to a given HDF5 datatype
do_reshuffleReshuffle the input as needed - see...
equal_id_checkCompare the ids of objects
expand_point_gridExpand list of points for each dimension into a matrix of all...
extract_dimSet the correct dimension attribute for an object
factor_extCreate an extended factor
factor_ext_functionsVarious functions for 'factor_ext' objects
flatten_dfFlatten a nested data.frame
get_idGet the id of an H5RefClass
guess_chunksGuess the dimension of a chunk
guess_dtypeGuess the HDF5 datatype of an R object
guess_spaceGuess the dataspace of an object
H5A-classClass for representing HDF5 attributes
h5attributesInterface for HDF5 attributes
H5_close_anyCloses any HDF5 id using the appropriate library function
h5constAll constants used in HDF5
H5D-classClass for representing HDF5 datasets
H5File-classClass for interacting with HDF5 files.
H5File.openOpen an HDF5 file
h5garbage_collectTrigger the HDF5 garbage collection
H5Group_accessRetrieve object from a group of file
H5Group-classClass for representing HDF5 groups
H5GTD_factoryWrap an HDF5-id in the appropriate class
H5P_ATTRIBUTE_CREATE-classClass for HDF5 property list for attribute creation
H5P-classClass for HDF5 property lists.
H5P_CLASS-classClass for HDF5 property list classes (not HDF5 property...
H5P_DATASET_ACCESS-classClass for HDF5 property list for dataset access
H5P_DATASET_CREATE-classClass for HDF5 property list for dataset creation
H5P_DATASET_XFER-classClass for HDF5 property list for dataset transfer
H5P_DEFAULT-classClass for default values for HDF5 property lists.
H5P_factoryCreate an \code\linkH5P out of an id
H5P_FILE_ACCESS-classClass for HDF5 property list for file creation
H5P_FILE_CREATE-classClass for HDF5 property list for file creation
H5P_LINK_ACCESS-classClass for HDF5 property list for link access
H5P_LINK_CREATE-classClass for HDF5 property list for link creation
H5P_OBJECT_COPY-classClass for HDF5 property list for object copying
H5P_OBJECT_CREATE-classClass for HDF5 property list for object creation
H5R-classClass for HDF5 Reference datatypes.
H5R_DATASET_REGION-classClass for HDF5 dataset-region references.
H5RefClass-classBase class that tracks the ids and allows for closing an id
H5R_functionsVarious functions for 'H5R' objects
H5R_OBJECT-classClass for HDF5 Object-references.
H5S_ALL-classClass for HDF5 default space
H5S-classClass for representing HDF5 spaces
H5S_H5D_subset_assignSelecting and assigning subsets of HDF5-Spaces and...
H5T_ARRAY-classClass for HDF5 array datatypes.
H5T-classClass for HDF5 datatypes.
H5T_COMPLEX-classClass for HDF5 complex datatypes
H5T_COMPOUND-classClass for HDF5 compound datatypes.
H5T_ENUM-classClass for HDF5 enumeration datatypes.
H5T_extractIDExtract HDF5-ids and return as a vector
H5T_factoryTurn ids into 'H5T' objects
H5T_FLOAT-classClass for HDF5 floating point datatypes.
H5T_INTEGER-classClass for HDF5 integer-datatypes.
H5T_LOGICAL-classClass for HDF5 logical datatypes. This is an enum with the 3...
H5T_STRING-classClass for HDF5 string datatypes.
H5T_VLEN-classClass for HDF5 variable-length datatypes.
h5typesThese are all types that are used in HDF5
h5versionReturn the version of the HDF5-API
h5-wrapperWrapper functions to provide an 'h5' compatible interface.
hdf5r-packagehdf5r: A package to provide an interface to hdf5 from R
hyperslab_to_pointsSingle hyperslab dimension to explicit vector
is_hdf5Check if a file is an HDF5 file
list-groups-datasetsList Groups and Datasets in object arguments in a call to function and add default values
names.H5GroupGet the names of the items in the group or at the '/' root of...
print_attributesPrint attributes
print_class_idPrint the class and ID a data frame with extended factor objects
print_listingPrint listing
regularity_eval_to_selectionTurn regulation evaluation into a selection for a space...
RToH5Low-level conversion functions from R to HDF5 and vice versa
standalone_H5D_get_typeGet the id of a type of the dataset
standalone_H5S_select_multiple_hyperslabSelect multiple hyperslabs in a space
text_to_dtypeConvert a text description to a datatype
types_env_accessRetrieving a copy of a type
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