Man pages for hdi
High-Dimensional Inference

boot.lasso.projP-values based on the bootstrapped lasso projection method
clusterGroupBoundHierarchical structure group tests in linear model
fdr.adjustFunction to calculate FDR adjusted p-values
glm.pvalFunction to calculate p-values for a generalized linear...
groupBoundLower bound on the l1-norm of groups of regression variables
hdiFunction to perform inference in high-dimensional...
lasso.cvSelect Predictors via (10-fold) Cross-Validation of the Lasso
lasso.firstqDetermine the first q Predictors in the Lasso Path
lasso.projP-values based on lasso projection method
lm.ciFunction to calculate confidence intervals for ordinary...
lm.pvalFunction to calculate p-values for ordinary multiple linear...
multi.splitCalculate P-values Based on Multi-Splitting Approach
plotClusterGroupBoundPlot output of hierarchical testing of groups of variables
riboflavinRiboflavin data set
ridge.projP-values based on ridge projection method
rXbGenerate Data Design Matrix X and Coefficient Vector beta
stabilityFunction to perform stability selection
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