Man pages for hdm
High-Dimensional Metrics

AJRAJR data set
BLPBLP data set
coef.rlassoEffectsCoefficients from S3 objects 'rlassoEffects'
cps2012cps2012 data set
EminentDomainEminent Domain data set
Growth-DataGrowth data set
hdm-packagehdm: High-Dimensional Metrics
lambdaCalculationFunction for Calculation of the penalty parameter
LassoShooting.fitShooting Lasso
methods.rlassoMethods for S3 object 'rlasso'
methods.rlassoEffectsMethods for S3 object 'rlassoEffects'
methods.rlassoIVMethods for S3 object 'rlassoIV'
methods.rlassoIVselectXMethods for S3 object 'rlassoIVselectX'
methods.rlassoIVselectZMethods for S3 object 'rlassoIVselectZ'
methods.rlassologitMethods for S3 object 'rlassologit'
methods.rlassologitEffectsMethods for S3 object 'rlassologitEffects'
methods.rlassoTEMethods for S3 object 'rlassoTE'
methods.tslsMethods for S3 object 'tsls'
p_adjustMultiple Testing Adjustment of p-values for S3 objects...
pensionPension 401(k) data set
print_coefPrinting coefficients from S3 objects 'rlassoEffects'
rlassorlasso: Function for Lasso estimation under homoscedastic and...
rlassoEffectsrigorous Lasso for Linear Models: Inference
rlassoIVPost-Selection and Post-Regularization Inference in Linear...
rlassoIVselectXInstrumental Variable Estimation with Selection on the...
rlassoIVselectZInstrumental Variable Estimation with Lasso
rlassologitrlassologit: Function for logistic Lasso estimation
rlassologitEffectsrigorous Lasso for Logistic Models: Inference
summary.rlassoEffectsSummarizing rlassoEffects fits
TEFunctions for estimation of treatment effects
tslsTwo-Stage Least Squares Estimation (TSLS)
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