hdslc.fast: Hazard discrimination summary estimate (local constant) at...

Description Usage Arguments Details Value


hdslc.fast estimates HDS at a single time using the local-in-time proportional hazards model. See Cai and Sun (2003, Scandinavian Journal of Statistics) for details on the local-in-time PH model.


hdslc.fast(S, betahat, m)



A vector of length nrow(m) (which is typically the number of observations n), where each value is the subject-specific survival at time t where t is implied by the choice of betahat.


A p x 1 vector of coefficient estimates at time t of interest from the local-in-time Cox model. Vector length p is the number of covariates. Typically the output from hdslc::finda is passed here.


A numeric n x p matrix of covariate values, with a column for each covariate and each observation is on a separate row.


The user typically will not interact with this function. Rather, hdslc wraps this function and is what the user typically will use.


The HDS estimate at times t, where t is implied by choice of S and betahat passed to hdslc.fast.

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