Man pages for heavy
Robust Estimation Using Heavy-Tailed Distributions

creatinineClinical trial on endogenous creatinine clearance
cytConcha y Toro vineyards
dentalAn orthodontic measurement on several children over time
dialyzerUltrafiltration measurements for three centres
ereturnsExcess returns for Martin Marietta and American Can companies
heavy.controlSet control parameters
heavy.familyFamily objects for heavy-tailed distributions
heavyFitEstimation of Location and Scatter using multivariate...
heavyGrubbsEstimation for the Grubbs' model under heavy-tailed...
heavyLm(Multivariate) linear regression under heavy-tailed...
heavyLmeLinear mixed-effects models under heavy-tailed distributions
heavyLm.fitFitter functions for linear models under heavy-tailed...
heavyPSFit a penalized spline under heavy-tailed distributions
housePricesHedonic housing-price equation
lifeData on per-capita income and life expectancy
pgamma.derivDerivatives of the regularized incomplete gamma function
rmCauchyMultivariate Cauchy Random Deviates
rmcnormMultivariate Contaminated Normal Random Deviates
rmnormMultivariate Normal Random Deviates
rmslashMultivariate Slash Random Deviates
rmtMultivariate Student-t Random Deviates
rsphereGeneration of Deviates Uniformly Located on a Spherical...
tgammaThe right truncated gamma distribution
thermocouplesPrecision and accuracy of thermocouples
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