hergm.summary: Summary of object of class 'hergm'

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Summary of object of class hergm


The function summary.hergm generates a summary of an object of class hergm by using the functions print.hergm and plot.hergm. The function print.hergm prints a summary of a sample of parameters from the posterior, whereas the function plot.hergm plots a summary of a sample of block memberships of nodes from the posterior.


## S3 method for class 'hergm'
summary(object, ...)



object of class hergm; objects of class hergm can be generated by function hergm.


additional arguments, to be passed to lower-level functions in the future.


Schweinberger, M. and P. Luna (2018). HERGM: Hierarchical exponential-family random graph models. Journal of Statistical Software, 85, 1–39.

See Also

hergm, hergm.postprocess, print.hergm, plot.hergm

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