Man pages for hierBipartite
Bipartite Graph-Based Hierarchical Clustering

constructBipartiteGraphConstruct Bipartite Graph Edge Weight Matrix of Gene-drug...
ctrp2Processed Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia (CCLE) and Cancer...
getMergeGroupRowsGiven index from hclust merge matrix, return X, Y row indices...
getSignificantMergedGroupsSelect Significant Results from 'HierBipartite'
hierBipartiteBipartite Graph-based Hierarchical Clustering
matrixDissimilarityMatrix dissimilarity
newMergedGroupGiven group indices for a merge from hclust merge matrix,...
null_distriNull distribution of dissimilarity measures
p_valueP-value of Similarity in Gene-drug Associations
scale_featuresOnly scales features (columns) with positive variance
sccaSparse canonical covariance analysis
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