Man pages for hilbertSimilarity
Hilbert Similarity Index for High Dimensional Data

add.cutAdd New Cut Thresholds
andrewsProjectionUse Andrews plots to visualize the Hilbert curve
do.cutApply Cuts to the Reference Matrix
do.hilbertGenerate the Hilbert Index from a Cut Reference Matrix
hilbertMappingMap High Dimensional Coordinates to Hilbert Index and back
hilbert.orderEstimate the Hilbert order for a given matrix
hilbertProjectionProject a Cut Reference Matrix to a Different Space through...
hilbertSimilarityHilbert Similarity Index for High Dimensional Data
js.distCompute the Jensen-Shannon Distance between 2 sets of Hilbert...
localMaximaFind Local Maxima in a vector
localMinimaFind Local Minima in a vector
make.cutGenerate Cutting Points for a Multidimensional Matrix
show.cutPlot the cuts generated through make.cut
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