paulist_missions: Records of missions held by the Paulist Fathers, 1851-1893

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This dataset contains transcriptions of records of missions held in by the Paulist Fathers, a Roman Catholic missionary order, in the nineteenth-century United States. This dataset contains only the most interesting data recorded in the full Paulist mission chronicles. The founding members of the Paulist Fathers began as members of the Redemptorist order. Their chronicles include both the missions held as Redemptorists and as Paulists. This transcription only includes missions up to the year 1893; the Paulist Chronicles contain more records than are transcribed here, and the Paulists continued holding missions for many more years than are recorded in the Chronicles.




A data frame with 841 observations of 11 variables.



Lincoln Mullen, George Mason University


The Paulist missions are recorded in Chronicle of the Missions Given by the Congregation of Missionary Priests of St. Paul the Apostle, six manuscript volumes, Office of Paulist History and Archives, North American Paulist Center, Washington, DC. Data transcribed by Lincoln Mullen.



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