Man pages for hkevp
Spatial Extreme Value Analysis with the Hierarchical Model of Reich and Shaby (2012)

extrapol.gevSpatial extrapolation of GEV parameters with the HKEVP
extrapol.return.levelSpatial extrapolation of a return level.
hkevpA hierarchical model for spatial extreme values
hkevp.expmeasureExponent measure of the HKEVP
hkevp.fitFitting procedure of the HKEVP with MCMC algorithm
hkevp.predictPredictive distribution of the max-stable process at target...
hkevp.randSimulation of the HKEVP
latent.fitFitting procedure of the latent variable model
MCMC_cppfunC routine for fitting either the HKEVP or the latent variable...
mcmc.funPoint estimates of HKEVP fit
mcmc.plotMarkov chains plotting
return.levelThe associated return level
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