Man pages for hmmm
Hierarchical Multinomial Marginal Models

accidentfactory accident data
akaikeakaike criterium
anova.hiddenanova for the class hidden
anova.hmmmfitanova for the class hmmmfit
create.XMATdesign matrix for a hmm model
depressionlongitudinal study of mental depression
drinkssoft-drinks data
getnamesvector of frequencies from a data frame
GMIfunction to compute the generalized marginal interactions...
hidden.emfitML estimation of a multinomial hidden Markov model
hmmm.chibarchi-bar statistic test for hmm models
hmmm.mlfitfit a hmm model
hmmm.modeldefine a hmm model
hmmm.model.Xhmm model with covariates effect on parameters
hmmm-packagepackage hmmm
inv_GMIfunction to compute a vector of joint probabilities from a...
kentuckyKentucky traffic accident data
loglin.modeldefine a log-linear model
madsenMadsen data
marg.listlists of marginal sets
mphineq.fitfit mph models under inequality constraints
polbirthpolitical orientation and teenage birth control data
print.hiddenprint for the class hidden
print.hmmmchibarprint for hmmm.chibar
print.hmmmfitprint for the class hmmmfit
recursiverecursive marginal interactions
relpolreligion and political orientation data
relpolbirthreligion, political orientation and teenage birth control...
summary.hiddensummary for the class hidden
summary.hmmmchibarsummary for hmmm.chibar
summary.hmmmfitsummary for the class hmmmfit
summary.hmmmmodsummary and print for the class hmmmmod
summary.mphfitsummary and print for the class 'mphfit'
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