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A compilation of extra themes and theme components for 'ggplot2' with an emphasis on typography.


The core theme: theme_ipsum ("ipsum" is Latin for "precise") uses Arial Narrow which should be installed on practically any modern system, so it's "free"-ish. This font is condensed, has solid default kerning pairs and geometric numbers. That's what I consider the "font trifecta" must-have for charts. An additional quality for fonts for charts is that they have a diversity of weights. Arial Narrow (the one on most systems, anyway) does not have said diversity but this quality is not (IMO) a "must have".

There is an option hrbrthemes.loadfonts which – if set to TRUE – will call extrafont::loadfonts() to register non-core fonts with R PDF & PostScript devices. If you are running under Windows, the package calls the same function to register non-core fonts with the Windows graphics device.


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