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HTML Widgets for R


The htmlwidgets package provides a framework for easily creating R bindings to JavaScript libraries. Widgets created using the framework can be:


  • Used at the R console for data analysis just like conventional R plots (via RStudio Viewer)

  • Seamlessly embedded within R Markdown documents and Shiny web applications.

  • Saved as standalone web pages for ad-hoc sharing via email, Dropbox, etc.

To get started creating your own HTML widgets, see the documentation available in the package vignettes:

vignette("develop_intro", package = "htmlwidgets")
vignette("develop_sizing", package = "htmlwidgets")
vignette("develop_advanced", package = "htmlwidgets")

Source code for the package is available on GitHub:


Ramnath Vaidyanathan, Joe Cheng, JJ Allaire, and Yihui Xie

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