format_period: Reformat Period-Separated Names

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a common pattern for names is for first and middle names to be represented by initials. Unfortunately depending on how this is done, that can make things problematic; "G. K. Chesterton" is easy to parse, but "G.K. Chesterton" or "G.K.Chesterton" is not. format_period takes names that are period-separated in this fashion and reformats them to ensure there are spaces between each initial. Periods after any space in the name are preserved, so "G.K. Chesterton, M.D." does not become "G. K. Chesterton, M. D. ".





a vector of names following this convention. Names that lack periods will be returned entirely intact, so assuming you don't have (legitimate) periods in names not following this format, there's no need to worry if your vector has mixed formatting.

See Also

format_reverse for names stored as "Lastname, Firstname", and parse_names to parse the output of this function.



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