Man pages for hyfo
Hydrology and Climate Forecasting

applyBiasFactorApply bias factor to different forecasts for...
biasCorrectBiascorrect the input timeseries or hyfo dataset
biasFactor-classAn S4 class, representing the biasFactor of single time...
biasFactor.hyfo-classAn S4 class, representing the biasFactor of hyfo file.
checkBindCheck data for bind function.
collectDataCollect data from different csv files.
collectData_csv_anarbeCollect data from csv for Anarbe case.
collectData_excel_anarbeCollect data from different excel files
collectData_txt_anarbecollect data from different txt.
coord2cellChange lon lat coordinates to cell coordinates
downscaleNcdfDownscale NetCDF file
extractPeriodExtract period from list or dataframe.
fillGapFill gaps in the rainfall time series.
getAnnualGet annual rainfall of different rainfall time series
getAnnual_dataframeGet annual rainfall of the input time series.
getBiasFactorGet bias factor for multi/operational/real time bias...
getEnsem_combCombine ensembles together
getFrcEnsemExtract time series from forecasting data.
getHisEnsemGet ensemble forecast from historical data.
getLMomget L moment analysis of the input distribution
getMeanPreciGet mean rainfall data.
getMomentget moment analysis of the input distribution
getNcdfVarGet variable name of the NetCDF file.
getPreciBarget mean rainfall bar plot of the input dataset or time...
getPreciBar_combCombine bars together
getSpatialMapGet spatial map of the input dataset.
getSpatialMap_combCombine maps together
getSpatialMap_matReplot raster matrix
list2DataframeConvert a list to a dataframe.
loadNcdfLoad NetCDF file
monthlyPreciGet monthly rainfall
plotTSplot time series, with marks on missing value.
plotTS_combCombine time seires plot together
resampleResample your time series or ncdf files.
shp2catGet a catchment object from selected shape file.
writeNcdfWrite to NetCDF file using hyfo list file
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